Samurai Music Group


  • New pre-orders & shipping update

    The SMG Store has re-opened after our summer break with a range of new products available to pre-order:

    Nucleus & Paradox 'Alzora' / 'Volcanism [Samura Music] | Vinyl - Digital
    Ancestral Voices 'Old Earth Voodoo' [Samura Music] | Vinyl - Digital
    ASC 'Return Of The Emissary' [Auxiliary] | Vinyl - Digital
    Acronym 'The Void Beneath' [Auxiliary] | Vinyl - Digital
    Overlook 'Nights Into Dreams' / 'Scarlett' [UVB-76] | Vinyl - Digital
    Pessimist 'Paian' EP [UVB-76] | Vinyl - Digital
    ArpXP 'Fade Away' EP [SUNANDBASS] | Vinyl - Digital

    It is also important to note that we are now shipping all our products exclusively from the UK, and will no longer be shipping anything at all from Germany.

    Happy shopping!
  • Homemade Weapons debut LP 'Negative Space'

  • The Untouchables // Samurai Music Podcast #29

    Two of the nicest people in the DnB scene, Brussels, Belgium residents and newlyweds The Untouchables join the Samurai Music artist roster with their 'Blackout' EP. 
  • Samurai Music Relaunch

    We have relaunched the main Samurai label, combining Samurai Music & Samurai Red Seal into one.
  • Auxiliary and Samurai present: Grey Area, Podcast Two

    The second edition of the Grey Area Podcast series, with three separate DJ mixes segued together to make one.

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