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  • The Untouchables // Samurai Music Podcast #29

    Two of the nicest people in the DnB scene, Brussels, Belgium residents and newlyweds The Untouchables join the Samurai Music artist roster with their 'Blackout' EP. 

    The 'Blackout' EP is a succinct audio CV for the The Untouchables distinctive style. Amongst it's 4 essential rhythms, lays 'X-Gene', a heaving kick drum assault made in collaboration with Loxy that has been on many people's want lists for some time. 'X-Gene' is undoubtedly a highlight but this is a well rounded collection that contains 4 potent killers. 'Blackout' is the EP we always knew we could get from this duo for Samurai Music.

    The Untouchables Samurai Music Podcast captures these 2 in amazing DJ form. You can feel them eagerly and effortlessly matching up rhythms to keep their trademark bounce rolling through the whole 60 minutes.

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    The Untouchables 'Blackout' EP is out now on Grey marbled vinyl 12" and digital.

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