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  • Pact Infernal 'The Descent Chapter 1' + Horo back catalogue represses

    Samurai Horo returns with a fresh 12" from new production outfit Pact Infernal, as well as a couple of choice represses of some back catalogue favourites.

    Pact Infernal 'The Descent Chapter 1'

    4 interwoven, complementary tracks full of foreboding and menace on this 12" from Pact Infernal. Dark, cinematic, tribal rhythms that defy classification, it is available to pre-order now for a 06.04.15 release. Black & red marbled 12" vinyl only release.

    FIS & Tokyo Prose 'The Truths, The Dares' 2015 repress

    A 2015 repress of the very first Horo release from Tokyo Prose & FIS, and FIS's first ever appearance on vinyl. The repress is a different colour to the original but comes with an original art sticker, and as always with Horo, is vinyl only. Pre-order now for a 06.04.15 release.

    FIS 'Duckdive EP' 2015 Repress

    One of our most sought after releases that has fetched extremely high resale prices on Discogs, as well as being the first FIS solo vinyl release. A different coloured vinyl for 2015 along with original art sticker, and a vinyl only release. Pre-order now for shipping on or before 06.04.15.

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