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    Seeing the rise of Jason Luxton aka Overlook to become a highly respected producer with a recognisable, powerful sound and have his music signed to most of the labels he has aimed for has been a pleasure to watch. From our first contact with a 19 year old Overlook, his enthusiasm and commitment to music creation has always been impressive and unflinching. Early on in his production career, names like Loxy and Trace recognised Jason's talent and gave him the support and encouragement he needed to carefully craft his own distinctive sound. Coming up alongside another younger producer - Clarity, Overlook has gone on to be one of the more interesting names in progressive Drum and Bass with an ever growing group of followers. Sparse dancefloor weapons are Overlooks stock in trade, always with a deep underbelly and always informed by his voracious appetite for music history in all genres.

    Presha spoke to Overlook to get some insight into his world as we present the Overlook Samurai Podcast to celebrate the release of his new 12" on the label alongside Loxy & Resound.

    Overlook, Loxy & Resound 'The Lodge' / Loxy & Overlook 'Harbour'
    Samurai Music // SMG005 Vinyl / Digital

    So this is what, your second interview / series of questions? Is there a reason for that or you just prefer to let your music do the talking?

    No real reason to be honest, I've always been quite a reserved person so I suppose it has something to do with that. It's just much more important for me to let my music have its own voice and speak for itself.

    You started relatively young with producing and seemed to pick up steam with lots of signings quite fast. Looking back now what do you attribute that to? Where did the drive come from and how did the dots get connected so fast?

    I was and still am extremely passionate about drum & bass and music in general, the main thing driving me was a chance to express myself and leave something behind for others to enjoy. When I first started releasing music I didn't really care too much how it sounded I was just rushing to get things out there, It wasn't long before I realised that there is no rush to do anything. If I have any advice for producers starting out it would be take your time.. make sure things are exactly as you want them before sending out, once something is released there is no taking it back!

    You and Owen became quite well known for being young when your tracks first started to break, but you're what 23 now? Do you feel like those last 4-5 years zipped by?

    Haha yeah we are getting older now :/ It's hard to believe just how quickly time flies. I'd say its only been the last couple of years that I've really been happy with my work though, a lot of the early releases I consider to be quite rushed and not really representative of what I wanted to do (I'm sure most producers will say this about their early work). Saying that though i'm really proud of what I've achieved in such a small amount of time, When I first started making music I was just happy to be involved in some way.. I've gone way beyond where I expected to get!

    Bournemouth isn't the place people would attribute such moody music to be created, do you think your sound is a reaction to your environment?

    It is and it isn't, Bournemouth isn't exactly known for much but there is definitely an atmosphere here that I guess in some way makes it into the music I create.

    You seem to be a veritable sponge for music and filmic influences, is this something passed on to you from your family?

    We have always been an open minded family with any kind of art really, I learned from a young age that it doesn't matter what the genre is, just that there is always something great to be found if you are willing to be open to it. I can probably blame my dad for my love of films haha. He used to own a video library when I was younger so spending time there really influenced me a lot & obviously the music I create now.

    What drives the initial idea for an Overlook track, and how do you start the process?

    The idea for a track can come from many places, it could be a film I've watched that inspires me, the weather that day or even just generally the mood im in. It normally always starts with the atmosphere as that is the most important element in my opinion, Then I build the track around that.

    You are big on samples, especially film snippets. Do these ever create the vibe you are looking for in a track before you start making the music?

    Oh for sure, most of the time that is the case. I just enjoy incorperating the things I love and using them in new and creative ways. The fact that my music is basically just a mish-mash of loads of random things is actually exactly what I want, taking things from different contexts and giving them new life.

    How did the Loxy and Resound collabs come about? How do you approach (creatively) a collab with other producers as opposed to a solo track?

    Loxy had been supporting me for a while before so it was only a matter of time before we got on some music together. He loved the demo version of 'The Lodge' so I asked if him and Resound wanted to finish it with me, and lucky for me they did as it turned out great! As for 'Harbour' Loxy originally had the main idea for the tune so it was just a matter of building it myself and adding the necessary parts that it needed. The main thing for me when making music with other people is to have an open mind and not be afraid to do something different from what i'd usually do, it's all about getting out of your comfort zone and collabs seem to be very good for that.

    I actually slept on 'The Lodge' despite having an early demo version which I regretted badly a little bit further on, but the demo I have is Feb 2013. It has aged very well imo, and I think it's one of the best tracks you have been involved in. Is it one you are particularly proud of?

    Definitely! I totally forgot the original idea it was that old haha. I'm especially happy to have had the chance to collaborate with Loxy & Resound as they have both been a massive influence on me from the beginning, it's certainly a release I'm very proud to be involved with.

    What are your goals and aspirations for where you would like to go with your music?

    My main goal is to finish my debut album, but I can't really say too much about that as it's in really early stages right now.. Other than that im happy to just continue doing what I'm doing and to keep moving forward as an artist.

    What was your approach to making the mix, what vibe?
    I just wanted to showcase some of the artists im really feeling at the moment within D&B, I didn't really plan the mix out it was kinda off the cuff. There are also a few unreleased tracks from me in there aswell.

    Overlook's Top 10 films

    There are so many amazing films to mention really, but here is my top 10 today -
    01. Blade Runner
    02. Vertigo
    03. Don't Look Now
    04. Alien
    05. Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me
    06. The Shining
    07. The Vanishing
    08. Rosemary's Baby
    09. The Innocents
    10. Full Metal Jacket

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