Samurai Music Group
  • Homemade Weapons // Samurai Music Group Official Podcast #26

    Seattle resident Homemade Weapons returns for another edition of the Samurai Music podcast, lifting the skill and tune level once again for a scorching hot session.

    Digital available now from the SMG Store & Bandcamp exclusively.

    The follow up to the 2013 'Kintaro' EP for Samurai, Homemade Weapons returns with another freshly crafted collection of potent rhythms. From the alpha stepping dominance of Clarion Call, to the relentless amen juggernaut that is Mileena (MVP), we get another showcase of the Homemade Weapons stylish versatility and attention to intricate detail. Poised to launch his own 'Weaponry' imprint, the 'Clarion Call' EP arrives as a statement of intent as well as being another 8 tracks of essential crate fillers.

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