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Alaska - Jasheri / Zoranine (Vinyl)

Arctic Music

Alaska - Jasheri / Zoranine (Vinyl)
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Alaska - Jasheri / Zoranine 12" | Arctic Music

A. Jasheri
B. Zoranine

The Drum & Bass and Downtempo 12” from Arctic Music. Alaska’s 33rd vinyl release takes you on an escalating journey with its head-nodding breakbeats, layered pads, bass booms and chords. Violin, piano and Rhode keys lead the ascent into a passionate orchestral crescendo and Jasheri is born. On the flipside Alaska flexes the film-score muscles and lowers the tempo to 85 bpm with the Arctic-sleeze score of Zoranine. Xylophone riffs, oboe effects, guitar stabs, flutes and vintage keys float over a funky breakbeat groove for a chillout masterpiece.

- Black and Blue 12"

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