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ASC 'Return Of The Emissary' (Vinyl)


ASC 'Return Of The Emissary' (Vinyl)
ASC 'Return Of The Emissary' | AUX015 | Auxiliary 2016

A1. 'Zoning'
A2. 'Fenris'
AA1. 'Inverse Ratio'
AA2. 'Night Clouds'

- Transparent Blue Vinyl 12".
- 3mm Kraft Board Spine sleeve with black paper inner.
- Free WAV's via emailed download link.
- Extra artwork sticker.
- Free Auxiliary sticker.

The follow up to the ground-breaking, genre-defying, The Farthest Reaches is here. Return Of The Emissary is somewhat of a spiritual successor in many ways, as it continues to forge new paths into Grey Area territory. Four new tracks cut from the same fabric that The Farthest Reaches created upon its inception back in late 2014. Futuristic atmospheric abstract music for the deepest minds.

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