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Erkiu 'Yra' EP (Downloads)


Erkiu 'Yra' EP (Downloads)
'YRA' MP3 €0.99 incl. VAT
'Confession Of A Fellow..' MP3 €0.99 incl. VAT
'Hollow Idol' MP3 €0.99 incl. VAT
'The Vow Of Retaliation' MP3 €0.99 incl. VAT
MP3 Bundle €3.49 incl. VAT
'YRA' WAV €1.49 incl. VAT
'Confession Of A Fellow..' WAV €1.49 incl. VAT
'Hollow Idol' WAV €1.49 incl. VAT
'The Vow Of Retaliation' WAV €1.49 incl. VAT
WAV Bundle €4.49 incl. VAT
1. 'Yra'
2. 'Confession Of A Fellow Citizen'
3. 'Hollow Idol'
4. 'The Vow Of Retaliation'

With three labels covering all musical sounds SMG are focusing on releasing, what we felt was missing was an imprint exclusively for new talent. Shiro is Japanese for 'white' and the label will release artists on vinyl for the first time in limited runs of 200 white labels. Our first release comes from Polish artist Erkiu who has already released music on Cylon and CX (alongside Maurus). The 'YRA' EP marks his first full solo release and of course, first ever vinyl release. 4 tracks of techno informed progressive drum and bass, the YRA EP firmly establishes Erkiu as a name to watch. DJ support from Doc Scott, Loxy, Clarity, Presha, Gremlinz, Ruffhouse, Overlook and more.

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