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Hexagon - Counter Utopia (Vinyl)


Hexagon -  Counter Utopia (Vinyl)
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Hexagon - Counter Utopia 12" | Shipwrec

Boris Bunnik dons his Hexagon scuba gear before diving into electronic abstraction and aquatic electricity. Counter Utopia brings together three works of machine textures. "Cerebral Trauma" is submerged in a simmering liquor of smelted metal, molten melodies bubbling to the surface as ball bearings fizz and rattle. Industrial experimentation undercuts the entire EP. Soulful chords are stretched, contracted and contorted against the clean percussion lines of "Utopia." Machines echo in the finale. Gears groan against a backdrop of soaring synths and pulsations in the depths of "Paranormal."

1. Cerebral Trauma
2. Counter Utopia
3. Paranormal

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