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Icore - Substance From Shadow (Vinyl)

Osiris Music

Icore - Substance From Shadow (Vinyl)
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Icore - Substance From Shadow 12" | OSMUK048EP

Emerging from what sounds like the unknown depths of outer space, new artist Icore drops a debut EP on Osiris Music uk filled with five exercises in hypnotic, polyrhythmic tension. The A-side’s two tracks ’Sigil’ and ‘Stasis Field’ feel like two parts of a whole, each establishing a minimal, kick-heavy march in 6/8 that would perfectly fill the cavernous hull of an abandoned mining vessel, lurching through empty parts of the galaxy to the sound of ominous drones and malfunctioning, high-end bleeps. The B-side is more cinematic in its scope, with opener ‘Substance From Shadow’ summoning a distinctly b-movie vibe in its melody, before both ‘Claimed By Night’ and ‘Axiom’ retreat into darker, more ambient territory; the former thick in sub- bass kicks; the latter ramping up the dread with unnerving repetition.

A1. Sigil
A2. Stasis Field
B1. Substance From Shadow
B2. Claimed By Night
B3. Axiom

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