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Iesope Drift / Ostia - Seld 001 (Vinyl)


Iesope Drift / Ostia - Seld 001 (Vinyl)
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Precise, cyclical, cold and above all, attemporal. The sound of one of the most advanced projects of the 90s is back. Iesope Drift and Ostia are two of the monikers of the duo of producers, Obscurum at the golden era of this genre. Ownlife, opens this new series called "Seld", perpetuating the legacy of some of the techno pioneers, bringing back the attention to music that still keeping the pure character and commitment they were created with.

A1. Iesope Drift - Arlette
A2. Iesope Drift - Tuljahn
B1. Ostia - Idioms
B2. Ostia - Rota Appendix

- Comes with insert-poster.

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