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Katsunori Sawa 'Secret Of Silence' LP (Vinyl)

Weevil Neighbourhood

Katsunori Sawa 'Secret Of Silence' LP (Vinyl)
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A1. 'Beginning'
A2. 'Escape'
A3. 'Immediate Awareness'
A4. 'Fake Funeral'
B1. 'Anxious Kid'
B2. 'Antagonist'
B3. 'Freezing and Life Threatening'
B4. 'Unauthorized Page'

Following the Peace Obscured EP by BOKEH, his joint venture with Anthone, Katsunori Sawa sets yet another mark on The Weevil Neighbourhood with his first full-length solo artist album on the label. Titled Secret of Silence the eight tracks-spanning work of Kyoto based Sawa drills through Japan Techno, Industrial Breaks and Noise while flirting with Breakcore and a more aggressive take on Dub.

- Limited edition Black 12" vinyl.

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