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Killawatt - 47010 (Vinyl)


Killawatt - 47010 (Vinyl)
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Killawatt - 47010 - 12" | 47

A1. Meiotic Drive
A2. Mate Choice
B1. Base Analogs
B2. Allelic Drift

Killawatt returns on Tommy Four Seven’s 47 imprint for its sophomore single artist EP.

UK’s Killawatt made his debut 47 appearance on the first Various Artist EP, 47001 in 2015 with his contribution, ‘Tensile’, alongside Kwartz, Isolated Lines and Tommy Four Seven. Following his appearance at 47’s new event Numerology in Berlin, Killawatt steps up to deliver the label’s second solo artist EP, 47010, which combines deadly broken rhythms, futuristic soundscapes and cutting textures to create 4 solid techno stepping experiments.

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