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Pessimist 'The Woods' / 'Leadfoot' (Vinyl)

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Pessimist 'The Woods' / 'Leadfoot' (Vinyl)
  • Pessimist 'The Woods' / 'Leadfoot' (Vinyl)
  • Pessimist 'The Woods' / 'Leadfoot' (Vinyl)
- 2 versions available of the first Pessimist solo 12" on Samurai Music

* Version 1: Clear Smoke Vinyl with hand numbered printed insert (edition of 100) + extra art sticker. Exclusive to the SMG Store 

* Version 2: Corroded Marbled vinyl.

- Both versions come in reverse board 3mm spine sleeve with release art sticker on sleeve.
- Free WAV's instantly via emailed link.
- Free Samurai Music Sticker with each 12"

One third of Ruffhouse, Kristian Jabs aka Pessimist has been one of our favourite producers here at Samurai for many years. A master of tense, menacing, and hypnotic rhythms, he has been behind many of the most played half step floor tunes of the last 5 years. For his first solo 12" for Samurai we combine 2 tunes that have been staples in the sets of the likes of Loxy, Doc Scott, Clarity, Ruffhouse, Gremlinz, Overlook, Presha and many more since their creation. Following the immensely successful Ruffhouse 12", the Pessimist offering is altogether more murky but loaded with guttural weight that few others can match.

A. 'The Woods'
B. 'Leadfoot'

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