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Pris - This Heavy Heart (Vinyl)


Pris - This Heavy Heart (Vinyl)
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A1. 'Whatever's Left To Say'
A2. 'Intrervention'
B1. 'Ivory Tower'
B2. 'Domestic'

British producer Pris explores themes of ennui and disaffection on meditative debut for Avian. Pris offers a brace of monochromatic recordings - bookending a pair of brooding soundscapes with distressed, reductivist club fare. An impressive continuation from past work, that surfaced via his own Resin imprint and Stephen Bishop's Opal Tapes project, the record is bound tight by a powerful sense of unease & bonafide emotion - finding itself sitting neatly in amongst Avian's most successfully articulated releases. Printed inner and outer sleeve. Black vinyl.

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