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Ruhig - Lost In The Instability Remixes (Vinyl)


Ruhig - Lost In The Instability Remixes (Vinyl)
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Ruhig - Lost In The Instability Remixes - 12" | Midgar

A1. Lost In The Instability (Edit Select Remix
A2. Nibelheim (Synthek Remix)
B1. Alba (Luigi Tozzi Reshape)
B2. Pulse Width (Wata Igarashi Reshape)

A remix package which well represents the multifaceted approach of Midgar to techno. Edit-Select opens with a long and groovy rework of 'Lost In The Instability', keeps the peculiar synth & basslines of the original cut, and goes further, carrying those elements to deeper dimensions.

Synthek delivers a stabbing remix of 'Nibelheim', a killer techno cut where powerful broken beats continuously crash into the heaviest sonic waves. 'Alba' was originally an interlude solely composed of ambient sounds and ephemeral voices, which evolved with Luigi Tozzi's interpretation into a sweet and melancholic trip. Wata Igarashi to close the record, re-imagines 'Pulse Width' as a mind-stressing experience held in a frame of hollow drones.

- Black vinyl 12".

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