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Sam KDC - Cycles Of Perspective (CD)


Sam KDC - Cycles Of Perspective (CD)
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Sam KDC - Cycles Of Perspective | AUXCD010 | Auxiliary

Auxiliary celebrates it's tenth CD album release with an LP of epic proportions from Sam KDC. 'Cycles Of Perspective' is Sam's second solo ambient LP to date, following on from the success of 'Late Night Innominate, Volume One'. Eight tracks in total that span the gamut of emotion. From the dark, brooding, lonely, sombre of Lowest Elevation, to the uplifting, ethereal cascades of Cycle Of Loss. An album that demands your attention from start to finish, and something you will want to submerge yourself into time and time again.

1. Inflow Cycle
2. Lowest Elevations
3. Upstream Path
4. Filling Cycle
5. Restoration
6. Endorheic Rift
7. Subsequent Evolution
8. Cycle Of Loss

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