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Sam KDC - Late Night Innominate Vol. 1 (Vinyl)


Sam KDC - Late Night Innominate Vol. 1 (Vinyl)
  • €14.99 incl. VAT

A1. Untitled 1
A2. Untitled 2
A3. Untitled 3
B1. Untitled 4
B2. Untitled 5
B3. Untitled 6

The debut LP by Sam KDC for Auxiliary

- 180gm marbled clear and silver vinyl
- Free WAV's via emailed download link instantly
- Artwork sleeve sticker
- Extra artwork sticker (SMG Store Exclusive)

* Vinyl Colours are mock up images based on colours we have ordered, however marbling is not an exact science and every record is different. We can not guarantee they will look exactly as pictured.

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