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Svreca & Voices From The Lake - Between The Lines (Vinyl)

Spazio Disponibile

Svreca & Voices From The Lake - Between The Lines (Vinyl)
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Svreca & Voices From The Lake - Between The Lines - 12" | Spazio Disponible

Italian label Spazio Disponibile continues its fine run of form with a new EP that features four collaborative tracks by the bosses Voices From The Lake (aka Donato Dozzy and Neel) versus Semantica boss Svreca. The EP is a result of their first studio session all together in Rome. All three have been perfecting cinematic ambient techno for years now and have the cerebral, atmospheric aesthetic down to a tee. Here they offer up proof across a series of hypnotic tracks that take you deep into your own mind. It's alien and abstract yet wholly consuming and will zone you out in no time.

A1. Circa
A2. Isolation
B1. Between The Lines
B2. Shado

- 12" in Spazio label sleeve

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