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Synth Sense 'Perfect Symmetry' (CD)


Synth Sense 'Perfect Symmetry' (CD)
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1. 'You And Your Ghost (Widescreen Mix)'
2. 'Nexus 4'
3. 'Breathe'
4. 'Nexus 5'
5. 'The Invisible War'
6. 'Nexus 6'
7. 'Stream Of Thought'
8. 'The Forgotten Loops #1'
9. 'Absorb The Trauma'
10. 'The Whispering'
11. 'Lone FigureIn The Distance'
12. 'Signal Interference'
13. 'Response To Serenity'
14. 'Lost Imagery'
15. 'Nexus 7'
16. 'Red Skies'
17. 'The Sentinel'
18. 'The Forgotten Loops #2"'
19. 'Midnight Sun (Widescreen Mix)'
20. 'End Transmission'

The new album from Synth Sense

- Deluxe Digipack CD.
- Shrinkwrapped.
- Free WAV'S instantly via emailed download link. 

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