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Ancient Methods - The Asking Breath Comes To Each (Vinyl)

Candela Rising

Ancient Methods - The Asking Breath Comes To Each (Vinyl)
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Ancient Methods - The Asking Breath Comes To Each - 12" | Candela Rising

A1. Swallow the Screw (feat. Azar Swan)
A2. The Standards Will Come And Go (feat. Huren)
B1. It Won’t Take Me (feat. Tropic Of Cancer)
B2. Andromeda (feat. Zanias)

Next up on Candela Rising is a 4 track EP from Ancient Methods…

‘The Asking Breath Comes To Each’ is a perfect example of collaboration on an international scale.

Michael Wollenhaupt a.k.a Ancient Methods, continues his fine form with 4 unstoppable tracks of industrial tinged funk and fury, with a different vocalist featuring on each.

New York's Zohra Atash a.k.a Azar Swan features on the shamanic ’Swallow The Screw’ which ushers you deep in to jungle territory like a shot of Dimethyltryptamine. Berlin based Huren rages about a profit driven society on the devastating ‘The Standards Will Come And Go’. On the flip, things take a more contemplative turn with Los Angeles' Camella Lobo of Tropic Of Cancer providing other-worldly elegance on the atmospheric ‘It Won’t take Me’. Closing the record is the weightless ‘Andromeda’, a tribute to our galactic neighbour performed by Allison Lewis a.k.a Zanias of Linea Aspera and Keluar.

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