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Ness - Trancemigration LP (Vinyl)

The Gods Planet

Ness - Trancemigration LP (Vinyl)
  • Ness - Trancemigration LP (Vinyl)
  • Ness - Trancemigration LP (Vinyl)
  • Ness - Trancemigration LP (Vinyl)
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Ness - Trancemigration LP 2x12" | The Gods Planet

With his debut solo album, Italian producer Ness proposes 10 variations on an additional notion of trance through music, which he has chosen to name as Trancemigration. Levitating on wide sonic vistas, spiralling on fluid, rippling melodies, pushed out on propulsive basslines, these vessels of the soul we call our bodies experience, then, the nature of Trancemigration. An unfiltered expression of Ness ́s will to use the music as a vehicle for self-improvement and evolution, in the clubs or under wide open skies, a vision of the undefinable moment of letting out and passing through, an embracement of the gift that is the moment. (Words by Nuno Mendonça).

A1. Trancemigration
A2. Blue Planet
A3. Induction
B1. Psychotechnologies
B2. De Vuelta
C1. Timewave Zero (featuring Deepbass)
C2. Galaxy Bazaar
D1. Together Lost
D2. Aura Cleaning
D3. Dissolve

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