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Vit Fana 'Irrgang' (Vinyl)

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Vit Fana 'Irrgang' (Vinyl)
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Irrgang' is the highly anticipated debut album of Ossian Ohlsson's Vit Fana project. Representing a new generation of experimental musicians from Scandinavia pushing the limits of contemporary industrial music, 'Irrgang' is the culmination of a process perfected over several years. While the comfortless drones, ear-piercing noise bursts and razor-sharp synth work may be the album's backbone, the signature trademark of earlier Vit Fana recordings is present in Ohlsson's haunting vocals and the subtle hints of brutal beauty. A highly personal musical statement, 'Irrgang' stands with one foot firmly rooted in the tradition of early industrial noise music, while effectively creating a grotesque universe of its own.

1. Svarm
2. Hal
3. Fasad
4. Sankt
5. Ingen Utvag
6. Haglos
7. Indeskret
8. Strama Tyglar

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