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Von Grall - A Secant Line EP (Vinyl)


Von Grall - A Secant Line EP (Vinyl)
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A1. A Secant Line
A2. The Slope
B1. Apply The Definition
B2. Limit Value

Midgar welcomes the Bordeaux based Von Grall delivering four dense, immersive cuts. First of the list, *A Secant Line*, is an acidic and powerful mantra, opening the gates of sonic virtuality. In the second track, *The Slope*, fast paced rhythmics and cold ambiances bring some severity to the record. On the bside, the melodic and slightly dreamy excursion *Apply the Definition*, while *Limit Value* close the record with a solemn concoction of offbeats drums and mechanic nightbirds.

- Black vinyl 12".

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