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Zenker Brothers 'Immersion' (Vinyl)

Ilian Tape

Zenker Brothers 'Immersion' (Vinyl)
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At the beginning of 2014 we moved our two separate bedroom studios into one and soon after started working on the album. All the tracks were made in about 6 months in our new Ilian Tape Space Studio in Munich. The time felt right to focus on this adventure, but without any pressure. Therefore the process became very natural and we felt free to go wherever the vibe led us. Our intention was to create a very personal and honest sound without any limitations or guidelines. It's a reflection of all the years we've been growing up, working, traveling and playing together and it means a lot to us. But enough said music is not supposed to be described with words, so sit back, close your eyes, light one up and turn up the speakers! - Zenker Brothers

A1. Mintro
A2. Aisel
A3. Phing
B1. Innef Runs
C1. Erbquake
C2. High Club
C3. Ebbman
D1. Cornel 21
D2. Outark

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